Nauka nie ma żadnej ojczyzny,
gdyż wiedza ludzka obejmuje cały świat.
Ludwik Pasteur

Foundation for the Development of the Education System

For more than twenty years, the Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE) has changed the face of education in Poland. It has provided opportunities for gaining general and specialist knowledge in formal and non-formal settings. It has contributed
to pursuing interests in distant countries and in local communities.

FRSE is the only institution in Poland displaying extensive expertise in managing European educational programmes. In the years 2007-2013, the Foundation has coordinated the implementation of the Lifelong Learning Programme (including Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Comenius and Grundtvig) and the Youth in Action programme in Poland. Thanks to the integrity and reliability of its operations, FRSE has been appointed the Polish National Agency of the Erasmus+ Programme implemented in the years 2014-2020.

FRSE is also responsible for other European informational and educational initiatives in Poland: European Language Label, eTwinning, Eurodesk, Europass and Eurydice. The Foundation supports cooperation with countries in the East via Polish-Lithuanian Youth Exchange Fund and SALTO-EECA Eastern Europe and Caucasus Resource Centre. For several years, the Foundation has acted as the Operator of the Scholarship and Training Fund operating as part of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the EEA Mechanism, as well as the Scientific Exchange Programme Sciex-NMSch. Since 2012, FRSE has implemented three projects under Human Capital Operational Programme Priority III: High Quality of the Education System.




The Foundation’s main aim is support, in its broad sense, for activities serving the development of education in Poland. The FRSE realises its aim through the coordination of educational programmes of the European Union, among others. The programmes include such participants as children, young people and adults – from pre-schoolers to senior citizens.

  • The Erasmus+ Programme offers co-financing to institutions and organisations operating in European sectors of education and training, youth and sports. The programme has been designed to contribute to developing skills of its participants and boosting their employability, as well as to promote the modernisation of systems of education and training and to provide assistance to the young people.

  • European Language Label – a European competition for teachers, students and institutions, in which innovative initiatives related language teaching and learning are awarded and promoted.

  • eTwinning – an initiative thanks to which European teachers and students can come into contact and implement joint projects with the use of the Internet.

  • Eurodesk is a European information portal for young people and youth workers featuring information on work, volunteering and studying, opportunities, and on possibilities for participation in various youth actions across Europe and Poland.

  • SALTO EECA Eastern Europe and Caucasus Resource Centre promotes non-formal education and Youth in Action programme in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. It provides assistance to youth organizations and workers in the region and in countries across the EU in establishing contacts and in developing and implementing joint projects.

  • Polish-Lithuanian Youth Exchange Fund supports joint activities by Polish and Lithuanian youth aimed at building cooperation between the countries, becoming acquainted with cultures and roots of the two countries, and overcoming stereotypes. The Fund also provides assistance in staging trainings, seminars and information activities.

  • Eurydice is a European education information network. It propagates information on European systems of education; it compiles and issues thematic publications, comparative analyses and informational statistics relating to education in Europe.

  • Europass is a portfolio comprising five documents that have the same form across Europe. Thanks to them citizens of Europe can more efficiently present their skills and professional qualifications.

  • Scholarship and Training Fund supports educational cooperation between Poland and the donor countries: Norway, Island and Liechtenstein. It comprises academic exchanges of students and teachers and awards grants to educational institutions allowing to implement cooperation projects.

  • Sciex-NMSch Scholarship Fund supports the development of potential of scientists from Poland. It promotes building sustainable partnership focused on research activity conducted by Polish and Swiss scientists.

Foundation for the Development of the Education System is State Treasury foundation registered in the District Court for the capital town of Warsaw, Department XVI (Signature File No. XVI NS Rej. F 1647/93). The registration act was made on October 11, 1993.The Foundation operates based upon its charter and Law on Foundations from April 6, 1984

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