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[EN] “Evidence-based approach in Erasmus+. Impact assessment” 18th November 2020



On 18 November 2020 we have organised a research seminar devoted to assessing the impact of projects implemented within the Erasmus+ programme. The seminar, called Evidence-based approach in Erasmus+. Impact assessment, was dedicated towards individuals from the NAs and the researchers associated with the NAs who are involved in assessing the impact of the programme. This year, due to conditions and restrictions related to COVID-19 pandemic, the seminar was conducted online.

The online seminar consisted of four thematic sessions on the following topics:

1 – Erasmus+ impact on the higher education sector

2 – Learning mobility and its implications for the labour market

3 – Youth projects and learning mobility projects and their influence on initial and primary educational institutions

4 – Transnational mobility research in times of Covid-19

The programme of the seminar can be downloaded here.

The presentations delivered at the sessions can be downloaded below:

Session 1:

Grigic-and-Lam.pptx         Gillis.pptx        Kirsch.pptx        Fila.pptx

Session 2:

Steinmann.pptx       Pachocki.pptx      Kristensen.pptx

Session 3:

Feldmann.pptx       Degac.pptx

Session 4:

Krzaklewska-Shaw.pptx       Cairns.pptx          Korkala.pptx

Hyde Park:

Jezowski.pptx        Krzaklewska.pptx        Oya-Taneri.pptx


We kindly invite you to read the post-seminar publication that collects papers presented during the 2020 Warsaw seminar.

We would also like to recommend you the following publication, which focuses on evaluation in the field of education and features chapters presenting the current status of evaluation in Poland, as well as methodology approaches which can support the development of evaluators’ work.