Strategic Partnerships in Higher Education. Report on the study of strategic partnerships projects implemented under the Erasmus+ programme in Poland.

The aim of the research was to collect opinions on this form of cooperation from project coordinators and management staff at the HEIs. The publication summarises strategic partnerships, showing both the perspective of individual project participants and institutions directly involved in their implementation. The report addresses issues related to, inter alia, selection of partners for projects, course of activities, analysis of the results in terms of their usefulness and durability, evaluation of project effects and evaluation of the partnerships themselves by the HEIs authorities. The subject of the research was also cooperation with the National Agency of the Erasmus + Program in Poland, which granted funding to projects and supervised their compliance with the program rules. Moreover, the respondents assessed the system of implementing strategic partnerships and presented their recommendations in this regard.

You can download the report (PL) here: [PDF]