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  • Strategic partnerships in Higher Education - research report

    This report discusses issues such as: the selection of partners for projects, the course of activities, the analysis of outcomes in terms of their usefulness and sustainability as well as the evaluation of project outcomes and the partnerships themselves by HEI authorities.


    Full report available here.

  • Leaders in internationalisation - research report

    The publication concerns a study aimed to identify the role of school project leaders in activities focusing on international cooperation of Polish education institutions and each chapter introduces different aspects of daily work of project coordinators.


    Read full report here.

  • Volunteering Team Projects under European Solidarity Corps

    The main aim of the research presented in this report was to verify why Polish organisations decide to host team volunteering projects within ESC. The research also allowed for identification of advantages of such projects, for both volunteers and hosting institutions, as well as potential difficulties that might occur over the course of such initiatives.


    Read report here.

  • Research Seminar - “Evidence-based approach in Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps. Research in the time of pandemic”

    This year’s seminar will be devoted to answer the question: how the pandemic change learning mobility within Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps? The seminar invitation and call for presentation abstracts will be published shortly on this website.

The Research and Analysis Unit carries out educational research related to implementation of projects which are financed through FRSE, in particular from the Erasmus+ Programme and European Solidarity Corps funds. This research activity includes all the sectors of the programme, and is focused primarily on the decentralised actions administered at the national level. The research concerns both beneficiary institutions and individual participants of the projects.

Research and Analysis Unit gathered also all research activities undertaken by other National Agencies of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps. To find out what our colleagues from other countries are researching, please consult the map at the bottom of this page.


    The research on European programmes allows for better assessment of results and benefits stemming from implementation of projects, both for the beneficiary institution and its partners, as well as in local, regional and sectoral dimensions. Research findings provide up-to-date and reliable information about the Erasmus+ programme. This information will be helpful not only in efficient project management by beneficiaries but also in better pursuing the actions related to implementing the Erasmus+ Programme in Poland.


    The research concerns above all the effects of actions carried out as well as the impact of projects on implementing institutions and individual participants. What we aim at is also a diagnosis of needs of various groups supported by the programme, together with investigating the extent of raising the competence of individual participants and institutional development of entities supported from the programme’s funds. We carry out both quantitative research (e.g. surveys, questionnaires, polls) as well as qualitative analyses ( e.g. individual and group interviews, case studies). A large proportion of research projects has the hallmark of evaluation, thus allowing to assess whether the financed projects are successfully concluded and have achieved the established goals.


    The research carried out by the National Agency is pursued in close cooperation with representatives of the sectors included in the programme. We aim to draw as much as possible from the experience of Polish and European research institutions and as well as to use findings of other educational research that concerned similar areas and issues.

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Research in Europe

The map below presents research carried out by Erasmus+ National Agencies in Europe.

Country selectedPolska

Educational mobility research


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    • Cross-sectoral

    • Austria

    Showing and Identifying Impact of E+ on EU and National Level Report1 (EN)

    • Cross-sectoral

    • Austria

    Impact assessment: Impact+ (DE,EN)

    • Vocational Education and Training

    • Austria

    Nachhaltige Nutzung europäischer Projektergebnisse. Thematisches Monitoring der Nationalagentur Erasmus+ Bildung (DE)

    • Cross-sectoral

    • Austria

    Die Effekte der Erasmus+ Incomings auf die österreichische Volkswirtschaft (German version).

    • Cross-sectoral

    • Austria

    The effects of Erasmus+ incoming participants on the Austrian economy (English version).

    • Youth

    • Chorwacja

    ERASMUS+ YOUTH IN ACTION – Results of RAY in Croatia in 2015 Research-based Analysis and Monitoring of Erasmus+: Youth in Action (EN)

    • Cross-sectoral

    • Cypr

    Annual Report 2017 (GR)

    • Cross-sectoral

    • Chorwacja

    Analysis of Participant Reports – Key Action 1 (Rezultati analize izvješća sudionika mobilnosti – Erasmus+ – Ključna aktivnost 1) (HR)

    • Cross-sectoral

    • Chorwacja

    Towards Internationalisation of Education – Participation of the Republic of Croatia in the Lifelong Learning Programme (EN)