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The second part of the publication summarising the first seven years of Erasmus + in Poland presents the results achieved in project through the numbers and statistics. Each sector of the programme presents the goals and topics taken up in the projects, destinations of mobilities of Polish beneficiaries and profiles of organisations that took up the chance and gained the funds for implementing their educational ideas. Between 2014 and 2020, Polish beneficiaries organised almost 384,000 educational mobilities: as much as 87.7% were mobilities of Polish beneficiaries for studies, internships, training, job shadowing or other activities. They established as many as 21,600 partnerships, and the cooperation within the projects took place not only in Europe, but also in the countries of the Caucasus and the Middle East. The accumulated contacts and experience will facilitate the implementation of projects in the years 2021–2027. They will also encourage those who still hesitate to take up this challenge.

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