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Teaching languages for specific purposes and competency building on the example of a dual study programme

Małgorzata Niemiec-Knaś, Andrzej Skwara

Małgorzata Niemiec-Knaś, Andrzej Skwara

Perspectives on LSP

The aim of the article is to evolve the dual programme of studies conducted by the University of Czestochowa – German for business trading. For this purpose, the course design and its objective has been presented, as well as the concept of learning a specialised language, in this case Wirtschaftsdeutsch, which is based on a Task-Based Learning (TBL). The authors of the article have drawn attention to the essence of well-structured objectives of tasks based on the action competence with the areas of social-communicative competence, self-competence, methodological competence and professional competence.

teaching languages for specific purposes, dual study programme, Task-Based Learning, internships

DOI: 10.47050/66515796.152-177

The article is a chapter of the publication: Perspectives on LSP teacher training in Poland.