Studies on Quality Teachers and Quality In-service Teacher Education

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Key Concepts Series, VOL. 11

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Fundacja Rozwoju Systemu Edukacji





The motivation for the theme of this book has been to share with the readers knowledge and expertise in the field of teacher education as well as to create a platform for contributing to the discussion on how to best ensure that teachers and teacher educators are able to meet the challenges of the contemporary society head-on, and for their concern about understanding today in order to build our future better.

The Teacher Education Policy in Europe (TEPE) Scientific Network is an academic network that builds on the work and community from the previous European collaborative projects in the field of teacher education policy, including TNTEE and EUDORA. TEPE Network central goals relate to advancing research in and on Teacher Education, increasing mobility and extending the European Dimension in Teacher Education, enhancing quality through the renewal of evaluation cultures in Teacher Education.

Citation: Madalińska-Michalak, J. (ed.) (2020). Studies on Quality Teachers and Quality In-service Teacher Education. Warsaw: Foundation for the Development of the Education System, Key Concepts Series, vol. 11. doi: 10.47050/66515321.

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